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Diabetes Starter Kit

Magazine Design | Logo Redesign

Often, the first thought after being diagnosed with diabetes is “how am I going to do this?” This kit is going to be the start to the answer to all of your questions, the first one being that you are not and never will be alone. With the Diabetes starter Kit, it will make the transition into a new lifestyle a little easier and less terrifying.


The front of the box would be left empty for the logo of the hospital the patient went to and the important contact and location information on the back. The box is covered in fun drawings that show life with diabetes is not so scary. Inside is the important information that will be given by the doctors, placed in clear sight with ample room for the other helpful materials to be collected in the early days of being diagnosed.

DISCLAIMER​: This is a student work project, the design and copy is in no way connected to, produced by, or endorsed by Northwell Health.



The test side of the Diabetes Starter Kit features test stips and a glucose meter. They will test their blood sugar between 1 and 7 times every day.


The treat side of the Diabetes Starter Kit features a vial of insulin and a pack of glucose tablets. These are the main forms of treatments for a diabetic. Insulin is to treat high blood sugars, glucose tablets (sugar) is used to treat low blood sugars.


The live side of the Diabetes Starter Kit features a child playing on a playground. This is to remind not only the children, but the parents that is is important to not let the diagnosis of diabetes stop anyone from living their lives to their fullest potentials. 

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