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MyChart Doctors

Doctor-Patient Communication App

MyChart Doctors was created by a group of three team members:

Kayla Haselein: UX Designer

Boston Scarlette: UX Researcher

Michelle Nam: UX Researcher

DISCLAIMER: ​This is a graduate student work project, the design and copy is in no way connected to, produced by, or endorsed by Epic MyChart.

Logo Blue 2.png

Initial Research

All of the initial research was done by Michelle before we were put into groups. It was shared with us that doctors could only access MyChart on desktop and had a lot of unknown functions.

Once all research was conducted, the conclusion was to redesign some features to make it easier for everyone to access and understand how to use the platform.

After going through all the research,

we decided what our problem area was: doctors not being able to respond to patients in a 24 hour time period. To solve this problem, we created an opportunity solution tree to brainstorm ideas.

This led us to our problem statement:

We have observed customers struggling with long wait times for A) clinic visits and B) responses from MyChart messaging queries.

Our goal is to explore how to create faster and easier communication between patients and health care members, so that information requested can be delivered and retrieved in under 24 hours. 

How might we create faster and easier communication between patients and health care members so that information requested can be delivered and retrieved in under 24 hours?

We then delved into the MyChart flow

to get a better understanding of how tasks are completed by patients. We took this approach to see how communication could be improved by combining the knowledge we had from the doctors side and the patient side. 

User Flow.png

Ideation came next.

We did a patterning exercise to get inspiration to further develop our ideas. Once we felt we knew what direction we wanted to go in, we did a crazy 8's exercise to quickly get our ideas onto paper and marked our favorites as a starting point for our wireframes.

Original Wireframes

Our solution covered two major areas: messaging and the doctor's schedule. 

We tested three doctors

with these wireframes to make sure we were headed in the right direction.


We gained a lot of insightful and helpful feedback that was categorized into three main changes:

  1. Doctors receive a lot of messages and only want to write answers to those that can’t be handled by triage to other staff or preformulated responses.

  2. Doctors don't always remember everything about a patient and have to pause the message answering process to look up information about a patient.

  3. Doctors don't like having open appointment slots in their schedules and often have a waitlist of patients waiting for cancellations.

Dr. Cho

PA Farren

Dr. Cheng

11+ yrs experience

11+ yrs experience

11+ yrs experience

San Fransisco, CA

Lake Success, NY

San Fransisco, CA

Final Wireframes

After receiving all of the doctor feedback, we made changes and created our final wireframes. 

Final Walkthrough

Here is a look at what the app would be like when in use.

Whats Next?

Conduct another round of user testing
Redesign the product based on the second round of results

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