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Student Engagement App

nuuvi is a web and desktop platform to foster communication between like minded students during remote learning. Students will sign in using their universities log in information and have the ability to connect with peers and other students all around the world based on common interests.

nuuvi was created by a group of five team members:

Kayla Haselein: Visual Lead

Addie Benson: UX Design

Erin Mills: Product Lead

Jeremie Rivera Doi: Prototyping

Luke Lobosky: UX Writing


The sudden changes

covid brought to us was a struggle for everyone, especially students. Having to pack up dorm rooms and say goodbye to in-person learning hit harder than anticipated. According to Douglas Harris, "Almost half (48%) of higher education students claim the pandemic has worsened their ability to remain focused and engaged."

cameron_4 1.png

Knowing this, we got to work. 

We selected a target audience of people pursuing higher education; primarily ages 18 - 24.  We also started conducting our primary research finding pain points: 

  • Too many distractions

  • Lack of Mental Focus

  • Lack of Motivation

  • Lack of discussions with peers

  • Lack of opportunities to deepen their learning

103 survey responses, 13 student interviews, 3 professor interviews, and 1 expert interview


86% currently attend virtual classes

50% find engaging very difficult

75% don't feel connected to their peers

68% negative impact on mental health

"I realized after going virtual that I took

on-ground classes for granted.”

"I think the one thing that is in our control is our attitude."

"In online learning, "My mental health suffered because

I was used to being surrounded by my friends."

"Through this change (COVID) it's more

apparent we need one another."

We then began to affinitize

all of our data. We started with 559 sticky notes, which we grouped three times. Using the last and smallest group of 20 green stickies, we were able to create our how might we statement.

How Might We

use technology to personalize the learning experience?


Cameron Huges

College Student

“Most days I feel overwhelmed because it is so much harder to learn in virtual school.”


Yasmine Adams

College Student

“Ever since I started virtual school

things have just been bla...”

Introducing nuuvi

a platform purchased by universities to increase meaningful connections in the student college experience through social engagement. Key features include interests, grous, connections, messaging, "ask me about," and a customizable profile.

In order to successfully structure

the app, we conducted a card sorting activity with 5 participants. Some key insights gathered were

  • the main pages identified: connections, profile, messaging, groups, and settings

  • labeling differed from person to person (ex. community vs. connections)

The organization and flow of the user tasks were informed by the card sorting activity.​

After deciding on the IA 

we began creating the lo-fi wireframes and started user testing. We had 8 participants complete 5 tasks:

  1. Edit profile

  2. Create a group chat

  3. Search groups and join a new one

  4. Search for pre-existing connections

  5. Search for potential new connections

Through our user testing,

we gained useful insights in three main categories:


     Absence of clear global navigation


     Ambiguous access of information


     Redundant & vague


So, we came up with solutions to make user's experiences better:


     Combine hamburger and global


     Streamline content & sequencing


     Consistent labels & iconography

After making the changes 

we conducted another round of user testing. We gave our users a hi-fi questionnaire and received a satisfaction score of 83/100. Our main insight was to re-work the sequencing of the pages.

After making all of the final changes, we were able to produce our final wireframes (left) and our final prototype walkthrough.

Final Walkthrough

Here is a look at what the app would be like when in use.

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