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Skinnygirl Cocktails

Website Redesign

The task for this project was to select and redesign a website. Skinnygirl Cocktails was created by Bethenny Frankel for women to enjoy their favorite cocktails without the calories.


The website has a ton of information featured about anything and everything cocktails but it is organized in a very complicated way. I wanted to simplify and combine a few of the pages to make the website as a whole easier to navigate. I slightly changed their logo and shortened the header and footer to include only the most necessary information. Now, all the same information is presented in easy-to-find pages in an easier to navigate website.

DISCLAIMER: ​This is a student work project, the design and copy is in no way connected to, produced by, or endorsed by Skinnygirl.


The home page features the drinks as the main subject. The other three pages are featured below, centered between the quote "Act like a lady, drink like a boss."


The cocktails has easy access and viewing to all of the different drinks sold. After clicking on a drink, a pop-up will appear with a description, nutrition facts, the price and the option to purchase the drink.


The recipes page features many different food and drink options that pair well with a Skinnygirl cocktail, or feature them as a main ingredient.


The about page features a quick description of the company and founder, Bethenny Frankel. There is also an option to contact them with any questions, comments or concerns and the links to their social media.


The locator page allows users to find where the cocktails are served in restaurants or sold in stores. It features the three closest locations.

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