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Website Design | App Design | Packaging Design | Cookbook

The task for this project was to create a business. I chose to create a company that caters to families. With eleven holidays, provides these families with recipes and traditions they can make their won during each holiday season. The website will open on the countdown to the nearest holiday, but there is the option to navigate to the others.


The app will only be able to access the closest holiday, but offers the ability to track the mystery recipe being sent. These recipes are determined by the questionnaire, full of ten questions. The cookbook is also able to be personalized. Families can insert a picture of them on the inside pages and pictures of them carrying out the traditions listed.


The website opens on a countdown to the nearest holiday and gives a brief description of the traditionly company.


The recipe page starts with the origin of the holiday and organizes the different recipes users can find.


The traditions page gives families five fun and festive activities to do during the holiday to start their very own traditions.


The questionnaire page has the users fill out ten questions to be sent a surprise recipe in the mail to make during the holiday. They are then

sent out in the delivery boxes.


The holiday page allows users to navigate to all of the different holidays traditionly caters.


The app opens up to the closest holiday. It has the same pages as the website besides for the tracking page. the tracking page allows users to track the status of their delivery box.



The delivery boxes are designed for each holiday. Using the same elements throughout, from the cookbook, the holiday is on the front and illustrations are on the sides. Inside is a new recipe and the ingredients to make it.