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Creative Business Plan

Venus is a women only resort and spa. Named after the goddess of love and beauty, the spa is meant to be a place of stress relief and relaxation for women.  The resort and spa is a safe space where women will feel comfortable and be able to focus only on their experience and themselves during their stay. A luxury pool connects all of the cabanas for socializing.


The main goal of Venus is to provide a safe and comfortable space for women to relax and unwind. This is their opportunity to put their very busy lives on hold and enjoy some well deserved “me time.” Venus puts its best foot forward when it comes to making our women feel powerful, beautiful, healthy,

unplugged, appreciated and relaxed during their stay with us.


This is the folder that contains all of the materials that would be presented to the potential investor for the spa.

Inside the folder holds the business plan, the start-up, first and second year costs, a CD and the business cards.


The door hanger portion of the business plan features the services the spa will offer.


The CD features the employees that will be working at the spa. The music that will be played during the massages will be on the CD to listen to.


The room key features the hours of the spa. It would also be the room for the investor to stay in for a free night of their choosing.


The business card features the primary and secondary target markets of the spa.


The business plan features and details all of the elements and plans for the spa.

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