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Music Streaming App

I created a content streaming experience to help users explore, find, and learn about relevant content: an app where users can access all of their music from their music streaming platforms in one place.

What is Playlist?

Playlist is an app where you are able to access all of your music streaming platforms in one place. It will suggest new music based on your most listened to songs and will also allow you to upload your own podcasts to multiple platforms at the same time.

I then began to research my competitors,

which happen to be all of the major platforms we all use every day.

Apple Music





YouTube Music

Amazon Music


This led to the creation of my proto-personas:

click on each one to learn more about them. 


Hayley Jackson

Dance Teacher

Meet our 30 year old dance teacher from Los Angeles, CA! Married with a one year old son, she is always on the go.


Scarlet Jones

College Student

Meet our 19 year old college student/coffee barista from San Antonio, TX! Living with her college roommates, she is easily distracted.


Justin Bradley

Truck Driver

Meet our 43 year old cross-country truck driver from Greenville, SC! Spending so much time on the road, he is rarely home.

After understanding my user's needs,

I began to create initial user flows to understand the most important features to design. I chose two user stories from each persona and got to work. 

I then began designing

an initial set of lo-fi wireframes to illustrate how to move through the app.

I then conducted my first round of user testing

with my lo-fi wireframes. I tested three users:

and gained a lot of insightful feedback, which can be reviewed here, and was able to make the following changes:

Emily H.

Aaron R.

Joe C.


Aircraft Mechanic


Apple Music, Spotify

Spotify, YouTube

Apple Music, Spotify

With these changes made,

I conducted a second round of testing. This time testing five users:


Again, a lot of helpful feedback, which can be found here, was gained and fueled the following changes:

Emily H.

Aaron R.

Joe C.

Michelle N.

Will D.


Aircraft Mechanic


Product Dev.


Apple Music, Spotify

Spotify, YouTube

Apple Music, Spotify

Spotify, YouTube

Apple Music, Tidal

Final Wireframes

After receiving all of the feedback, I created my final wireframes. 

Final Walkthrough

Here is a look at what the app would be like when in use. View Figma file here.

Whats Next?

Continue to do more rounds of user testing

Start to design the more detailed features of the app

Start to pitch to stakeholders to get the app to production

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